If you are building a buggy or Baja then please post in here and share your experinces with us

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Postby volksweapon » Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:48 am

you have prob seen my question regading dans performance parts in the other "buggy building"
I've had the "lil blue dune buggy" for about 4 years or so and have loved the little thing going everywhere that 4bkila did --- almost.
after moving to Fiji a couple of years back my interest for vw's dropped giving way to a smallish 306 grady fishing boat and then my new toy a 61' riviera which i absolutly love although i've already had the dealers over twice for minor issues.
We had some major flooding in Fiji over the christmas break which really devastated lots of ppl's lives, so i decided to sell the buggies and donate the proceeds to the relief.
I managed to sell 4bkila and real-ota at "sale in a week" prices but somehow lil blue didn't sell and my little daughter was not happy since she has always considered this as "her buggy" so I decided that I would buy it off myself and build a "real buggy"out of it

first off..
I thought 6in over beam with 2+1/4 x 1 arms 3in raised spindle/como stub and fox coil overs
3x3 como rear trailing arms
race prep 930 axle kit with 20-1/4 axles
"race trim" high back seats
albins 091
was going to use a freshish 2.3tiv I have already

so deciding on 6in over beam i did what comes naturally to me and ordered an a-arm front end from I just have to find a steering rack from a rabbit/passat
then deciding to use my 2.3tiv I have asked John Rykowski of outfront motorsports to put a 450hp 2.5sti motec controlled kit together "plug n play" or "turn key" as they call it
not a nut or bolt will be touched until I have everything here ready to go. I have an engineer comming out on monday to measure the basic cage
and 3.5in body lift... you need 3in min for the a-arm so ill go 3.5 just for peace of mind

hahaha had to edit I put 4blika instead of 4bkila :lol:
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Re: beast2b

Postby Lovebuggy » Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:55 am

Hope you will document this build with heaps of photos. Sounds like it will be one tough little car.
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Re: beast2b

Postby OzTowdster » Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:20 am

One tuff buggy comming right up
Working at getting my Towdster and the Baja Bus back on the road !!!

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