The Iguana - MK1

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The Iguana - MK1

Postby Buggy_History » Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:26 pm

Buggy Name - Iguana
Built By - Custom Offroad / Custom Vee Dub
Builders Website -
Number Built - 4
State Built - QLD

The Iguana Buggy is a 4 seater VW based, Subaru powered dual sport vehicle. The design which has been decided upon will not only allow it to perform without equal on the beach it will also allow for extreme offroad use, a quick trip down the quarter mile, touring or simply dropping the kids off as school.

The aim of the design team at Custom Offroad was to put their many years or experience and their extreme passion into designing what they believe will be the bench mark within the Customised Dual Sport vehicle arena.

Like most good things the original scope of the project has been enhanced some what by both team members and other Buggy Enthusiasts who have offered up ideas. All suggestions and ideas where then pooled and the result which you will shortly see unfold is something the likes of which the Buggy community has never seen before.

We have taken the original design made by Bruce Meyers all those years ago, identified the issues with it and set about making changes to accommodate the solutions.

The main areas which have been targeted to date are as follows:
- seating capacity and usable inside space
- full sized adults where used to test the rear seat and ensure that 6ft tall Aussies could sit comfortably without issue. This allows us to have 3 kids or two adults in the rear.
- Windscreen wipers and vision in the rain – we have utlised existing VW technology from the later L bug or Curved windscreen beetle. This will be changing down the track to more modern look.
- Leaking behind the dash and protection of the electrical system – the dash is now fully sealed with access panels. This not only allows you to get in there it keeps the elements out.
- Quality rear lights that don’t come off a trailer – modern tail lights have been built into the design. This means that they have good quality connections and look the part.
- Access to the fuel tank, wires, fluids and storage under the bonnet
- A one piece tilt forward bonnet will give access to the fuel tank, electrical access panel, brake fluid and radiator tank.
- Fitting of all EJ series Subaru Engines in.- no mods required to run either a naturally aspirated or turbo charged Subaru engine.

All these changes have been incorporated into the newly designed Iguana Body. There are many more features that will unfold as the 1st Iguana Buggy approached its completion. At this stage it is anticipated that we will be in full production of the Iguana Buggies by 1 Jun 2006, with the 1st 5 Iguana’s on the street well before then.
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Re: The Iguana

Postby Fossil » Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:27 am

Iguana - LWB
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