Showing the flag in USA

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Showing the flag in USA

Postby Parj » Sun May 22, 2016 2:19 pm

Just got back from a 9,500 mile tour of USA by hire car. Could not rent a Wrangler or Beach Buggy.
Started in LAX, headed N-E to Canada at Saul St Marie, then turned left towards Calgary, and back to LAX
via Rockies and coast. Will have full report on my website in due course. Most of the high mountain passes were
still closed from snow cover, but we still got in some good sights. Only one (1) booking, see photos below.
The Canadian cop was almost apologetic, and said "you will pay this fine, wont you ??" I said scouts honour
officer. Did some advertising for Kurt, Beach Buggies Australia, by wearing his T-shirts...thanks Kurt.
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