Meyers Manx Australia for Sale

Opening April 2011 , Meyers Manx Austraila is dedicated to bringing Meyers Manx Buggies back onto Australia Streets at all levels.

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Meyers Manx Australia for Sale

Postby Lovebuggy » Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:26 pm

Meyers Manx Australia is for sale.

Looking for someone with the buggy passion to carry on the Meyers Manx Brand in Australia.

A number of factors including time constraints are now impacting our ability to do the business justice.

This proposal is to sell off the Assets in Meyers Manx Australia. The Selloff is for 100% of the Assets and not a partial sale.
Meyers Manx Australia will continue to Trade until a formal sale is reached.

The following Assets included are
All intellectual property
 Trading Name
 Website Domain and Emails
 Website
 Documentation including instruction Manuals, Advertising Materials, Engineering Papers, etc
 Handover of our vendor manufacturing details for rollbar materials and Windscreens

Physical Assets
 Manxter Molds
• Body
• Bonnet
• Windscreen Frame
• Airbox Cover
• Rear Spoiler Wing and Mount (2 Piece)
• Roof
• Sidepods
• Dash (3 piece)
• Rear Seat

 Manx Mold
• Body
• Bonnet
• Dash
• SWB vented Pods
• 3 Piece Roof

 Manxter Roll Cage Jig

 Plus Parts (various quantities)

 Miscellaneous
• Mold Trailer
• A number of older molds (not currently used).

Special Conditions:- All Manxter and Manx Kits manufactured are subject to a Royalty Fee payable to Meyers Manx US. As part of the purchase of the Molds, the purchaser agrees to this.

Fees are currently
Manxter - US$500
Manx – US$150

We are also willing to assist in a one off purchase of parts from the US (at your additional expense) to build stock levels. We can also provide details of all parts to allow future purchase.

Price - POA

Enquirees can be sent to
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Re: Meyers Manx Australia for Sale

Postby MANTA01 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 5:21 pm

Whats going on with Meyers Manx in Australia.
Has it been sold ??? and if so - Who has taken over ???

Also seeing ads like this in plumtree -
Meyers Manx and Tooling
Meyers Manx Signature Series 88/100 Body kit, Classic Manx mold from California,
Plug, jigs and wind screen extrusion for over 40 buggies. Shortened chassis and a lot more
link below ... 1196659027
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Re: Meyers Manx Australia for Sale

Postby VWNuts » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:22 am

The Gumtree ad is Godfrey Reade, he was selling Manxes in Sydney back in the 90’s

Completely different to Meyers Manx Australia
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Re: Meyers Manx Australia for Sale

Postby kitcar » Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:41 pm

I've just sent an email wanting more info. Thanks

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