Beach Buggy Australia now sells Manxter 2+2 kits.

Opening April 2011 , Meyers Manx Austraila is dedicated to bringing Meyers Manx Buggies back onto Australia Streets at all levels.

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Beach Buggy Australia now sells Manxter 2+2 kits.

Postby Lovebuggy » Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:56 pm

Meyers Manx Australia (MMA) is happy to announce an agreement between Meyers Manx Australia and Beach Buggies Australia (BBA) to sell our Manxter 2+2 kits.

This agreement now fills a hole in the market which MMA wasn't able to fulfil. BBA have been in the Buggy Business for many years and offer the full range of services from straight kit purchase to turnkey options and everything in between.

Having a shopfront and workshop, BBA offers customers the conveniece to come, touch and feel a kit, prior to purchace.

Meyers Manx Australia will no longer sell the Manxter 2+2 Kit directly to the public, however we will continue our R&D of buggy parts, run our online shop with many of the complimentary items to support Buggy Building as well as answer questions via our email with regards to items and kits.

So if you have been thinking of getting a Manxter 2+2 - give Kurt and Gunther at BBA a call -
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