Meyers Towdster

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Meyers Towdster

Postby Lovebuggy » Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:20 pm

I am posting this for some one else. Don't contact me about this.

From email -

I have owned it since 1999, the fibreglass is in good condition. It is in need of full restoration.
I am currently situated in Mount Isa, QLD.
It was registered in Newcastle, NSW. It still has the plates on it, but had expired before I purchased it.
NBN (Newcastle’s nine television network)used to own it & use it as a promo vehicle, driving around with “big dog” ( kids entertainment show)
Sad to see it go, but have too many cars & moving interstate.
Unsure what it is worth, so make an offer!!

My contact details:
Craig Lindsay
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Re: Meyers Towdster

Postby Fossil » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:03 pm

This is the much talked about missing one from Stockton I believe.
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Re: Meyers Towdster

Postby OzTowdster » Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:42 pm

I don't believe it is , and this is mabey another hidden gem from the Stockton / Newcastle area
As when myself and Kevin saw it back in about 1999 / 2000 the body colour of the Stockton / NBN Big Dog car that we saw was gold metal flake NOT a fusia colour
Am going to contact the seller and have a chat anyway as i'd like to know anything about this car anyway

Working at getting my Towdster and the Baja Bus back on the road !!!
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Re: Meyers Towdster

Postby kitcar » Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:29 am

Andrew it's the same car. It is a blue metal flake under the pink paint. He remembers his mum talking to some people from the buggy club back years ago. Yes you and Kevin, apparently at the time he was in the process of putting some more bars in it and you told him not to as it would devalue it. Glad he listened. Yes I had to ring up about it, seems a few people here have talked to him too. After checking with the rms thou I don't want it as they have no record of it being registered.
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Re: Meyers Towdster

Postby shaihulud » Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:54 am

Given that that Tow'dster has its old plates on it which show that it was at some time registered, it annoys me that Rego says, that it can't be re-registered because they don't have a record of the old registration. I doubt if that would survive a court challenge.

It's the same here in WA. If they don't have a record of a prior registration then they say the we have to prove that it was registered, but they don't have to prove that it was not.

I'm not a lawyer but I have a degree in politics and my memory tells me that one of the corner stones of our liberal democratic system of government is that if there is legal doubt, then the benefit of the doubt must go to the citizen, not to the government.

This Rego, "We have no record, so it can't be re-registered.", nonsense, needs to be challenged into the courts and argued on constitutional grounds.

In the movie "The Castle" their case was won because it was argued on constitutional grounds and they stayed away from the minefield of legal precedence.

When are we going to get a rich buggy enthusiast who is willing to chase this all the way to the High Court? In the USA there are lots of very wealthy buggy enthusiasts who would have mounted a legal challenge years ago.

Yeah! I know. Dream on.

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