Iguana Body/Barwork and Pan for sale

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Iguana Body/Barwork and Pan for sale

Postby Lovebuggy » Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:08 am

It appears that I can't sell my Iguana project whole. So I am going to break it up.

1st item off the rank is the Body, Rollbar and Pan.

The Iguana Buggy is a Full ICV with complete Approval to Build Paperwork as a Road Registered Vehicle. As one of the bigger buggy shapes it provides increased passenger room (Especially in the back) and comfort to accommodate the whole family.

All Fabrication Work undertaken by Custom Offroad and meets engineering specifications.

This is the perfect base for a Project start - just add your own bits to finish.

What is for sale -

1. Complete - Approval to Build Paper Work so all modifications are 100% legal.
2. Iguana Fibreglass Body, Bonnet and windscreen surround with Certified Test Papers.
3. Front Windscreen
4. Full 6 point Roll cage and side intrusion bars
5. Front Bar
6 Rear Cage and Transmission Support
7. Rear Seatbelt Mount
8. Fully Rebuilt Floor Pan (BJ/IRS) with 2mm chequered plate and C Channel Lift Kit. Extended Frame Head.
9. Waterlines plumbed inside the tunnel connecting Engine to Front Mount Subaru Radiator.
10. Easy Access Inspection Covers to Tunnel
11. Underslung Pedal Assembly with fully rebuilt and stainless sleeved Brake Booster
12. Custom Designed 60L Stainless Fuel Tank with inbuilt Subaru Fuel Pump (90% complete)
13. Complete Genuine Front Yamaha R1 head lights (Including Spares)
14. Genuine Mazda 3 Rear Tail Lights
15. Capacity to Fit A/C unit – Mazda MX5 unit HVAC included.
16. Subaru Steering Column – with full integrated controls
17. Bimbi Top to keep the sun off

Below picture is to show Body, Bar work and Pan (only items listed above included for sale)



Note that the vehicle is still assembled. Will disassemble for transporting by purchaser.

Other parts of this project are also on offer for the purchaser of the items above (at time of purchase)

Located Ipswich

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