Attention all "For Sale" section users

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Attention all "For Sale" section users

Postby manxiberty » Fri May 01, 2009 3:03 pm

Please read the rules below...
If you dont like them dont use the for sale section..!!
The club is a club not ebay....!!!
Use at your own risk
Sort your own business out ---phone,email,pm,msn etc.....
The club will not except any liability for sales on the forum.

The Rules

The Buying, Selling, and Swapping Parts section is for trading and finding parts and portions of cars etc to help with your Buggy Project. If you post in this section, you hereby accept these conditions.

The first post of a thread MUST contain the following details:

Seller's Name – first name is all that is required, not a nickname or login etc.
Suburb / Post Code – suburb name in full and postcode of suburb so no confusion between states/ cities
Item Description including Brand – Much info as possible, include brand if known.
Condition – Picture is best but if no picture is available than be as descriptive as you can
Item Cost - ie $10 000 ono

Anything else you wish to include.

BY LAW, sellers of cars are obligated to provide their phone numbers to the person who is buying the goods in NSW. As this section contains parts, we have decided that this can be done via u2u once the sale is agreed. You are welcome to put your phone number in your ad. Although not specifically required for parts, supplying a phone number via u2u or in the post is good karma.

If a thread does not contain the information from the above template, it will be deleted without warning.

If the seller posts incorrect details such as suburb, postcode, or similar, then this is grounds for the seller being banned from Buying and Selling permanently.

If a post contains parts, chit chat, hijacking, complaints, or tech questions, it will deleted without warning

The above are the rules. If we get compaints, we shut this section down. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT GETTING YOUR GRASS MOWED BY SOMEONE WHO JUMPED THE QUEUE. WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO SORT IT OUT, and more to the point, we don't care. Sort it out amongst yourselves via U2U or offline.

When buyers (or sellers) contact you, please make an effort to answer their enquiries in a reasonable time (say 24 hours) or note in the post that you do not look at your e-mail all that often.

Once you have posted an item for sale, it is customary to give the first person who indicates a genuine interest first option on it. If they simply ask questions, this is not a genuine interest.

If your sale has different rules (ie "First person to show up with the cash gets the item and I am not willing to ship"), then state this in the ad.

If you say you will take it, or it is sold then you are obliged (by law) to complete the deal as outlined. If you change your mind or circumstances change then at least let the seller know and be prepared to cop the flack associated with reneging on a deal.

Suggested Condition Descriptions

These are the same as The Samba's Conditions.

Excellent - A close to perfect original or a very well restored vehicle. Generally a body-off restoration, but a well done body-on restoration that has been fully detailed may qualify. The vehicle is stunning to look at and any flaws are trivial and not readily apparent. Everything works as new. All equipment is original, NOS, or excellent quality reproductions.
Very Good - An extremely presentable vehicle showing minimal wear, or a well restored vehicle. Runs and drives smooth and tight. Needs no mechanical or cosmetic work. All areas (chassis not required, but may be) have been fully detailed. Beautiful to look at but clearly below a #1 vehicle.
Good - Presentable inside and out with some signs of wear. Not detailed but very clean. Body should be straight and solid with no apparent rust and absolutely no rust-through anywhere. Shiny, attractive paint but may have evidence of minor fading or checking or other imperfections. Runs and drives well. May need some minor mechanical or cosmetic work but is fully usable and enjoyable as is.
Fair - Runs and drives OK but needs work throughout the vehicle. Body shows signs of wear or previous restoration work. Any rust should be minimal and not in any structural areas. Cosmetics, body, and mechanics all need work to some degree.
Poor - In need of complete restoration, but is complete and not a rust bucket beyond repair. May or may not run and drive. Not roadworthy.
Parts or Salvage - Incomplete vehicle most useful for parts

If you choose to ignore these guidelines, please don't be surprised when people just ignore your sale posts.


The Manx Buggy Club of Australua provides this service for free. We try to help on a best efforts basis, but you may not demand anything of us - we are a volunteer effort doing this entirely in our own time for free. We want to chat about Volkswagens, not stress out from angst from something we do for free.

Limitation of liabilities

By using this service you agree that:

* We are not a commercial trading organization
* we are not liable for anything posted here
* we do not know about the condition of anything posted here - you need to check that to your satisfaction before you buy
* You cannot hold us liable for your purported losses (of any type) if we screw up, or refuse or fail to assist you in any way

You can hold us liable for the cost of the services provided to you, and no more. As you pay us precisely $0, this means you hold us not liable for any damages or losses as you haven't paid for a service from us. We may choose to let you advertise again at our discretion, but we are just as likely to ban you if you really cause us massive pain.

We don't do this for a living and we're not here 24/7. If you need certainty, you are welcome to use eBay or the Trading Post where people are paid to help you out.
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Re: Attention all "For Sale" section users

Postby ernie » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:25 am

Here here once again lets keep this a social centre not a bitch fest

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